German driven innovation. – USA delivered Precision.

Stop Stick®, known for the world’s leading tire deflation device for high speed pursuits, now brings German-driven innovation to USA-made products with the introduction of Bonowi USA. With original solutions that safely stop pursuits, often before they even begin.

Now, Stop Stick® is proud to introduce Bonowi USA.

German-engineered and USA-assembled, Bonowi USA brings the world’s best in police protection and tactical law
enforcement support to your local community.

Innovations that protect police

Innovations that protect you

More than 30 years Bonowi® has been one of the most forward thinking brands in specialized personal protection for law-enforcement and service members.

Our goal is to provide the best in personal protection, no matter what environment you’re thrown into. Always feel safe and protected with trusted tactical solutions from Bonowi®.

World Leading Tactical Solutions From
Bonowi USA

Bonowi USA Gear Background Image

Expandable Baton

Expandable Baton - Bonowi USA

The Bonowi EKA Camlock® Expandable Baton sets a new standard of effectiveness and reliability in expandable batons.

The baton can be expanded by using a moderate swing of the wrist or by simply pulling its tip. It is retracted by pushing the baton sections together again after pressing the release button on the rear end of the handle. The impact energy is absorbed by the rubber trimmed handle and by slide rings at the transition between the baton sections. The slide rings also enable a quiet expansion and retract on of the baton without any metallic scraping noise, rattling, or bounce-back effect.

The Bonowi CAMLOCK® Baton comes in both steel and hardened aircraft aluminum for officers who prefer to carry a lighter weight impact weapon.

  • Available in four lengths – from 16″ to 26″ inches
  • 10-Year Maintenance-Free Warranty
  • Comprehensive range of holsters and accessories
Baton Size Item No.
16” Steel BEKA16S
16” Aluminum BEKA16A
21” Steel BEKA21S
21” Aluminum BEKA21A
24” Steel BEKA24S
24” Aluminum BEKA24A
26” Steel(Only) BEKA26S
Expandable Baton - Bonowi USA
Baton Size Item No.
16” Steel BEKA16S
16” Aluminum BEKA16A
21” Steel BEKA21S
21” Aluminum BEKA21A
24” Steel BEKA24S
24” Aluminum BEKA24A
26” Steel(Only) BEKA26S


Bonowi USA - Safety Grip Ring
Grip Safety Ring (available in 2 styles)
Bonowi USA - Aluminum Tip
10mm and 20mm Aluminum Tips
Accessory CAMLOCK Defense Adaptor - Bonowi USA
Camlock Defense Adapter

EKA Holster

CAMLOCK Belt Holster H1 - Bonowi USA

CAMLOCK® Belt Holster H1

CAMLOCK Belt Holster H1 - Bonowi USA

The H1 Belt holster was specially developed for the Bonowi EKA CAMLOCK® Baton and can accommodate the Baton with the Defense Adapter.

  • The Holster can be locked into 6 positions and rotated 180 degrees. Is suitable for both right, and left handed draw.
  • The Baton locks in the holster and the baton expands immediately upon drawing.
  • The Holster Base contains an impact ring that can be mounted on the CAMLOCK®.
  • The Impact Ring is mounted on the EKA Holster with any tool. For removal, the Holster includes a hexagonal tool.
For EKA 21″(51 cm) 26″(66 cm)
Item No. BEKAH121 BEKAH126
H3 Vega Holster - Bonowi USA

H3 Vega Holster

H3 Vega Holster - Bonowi USA

The H3 Vega Belt Holster was specially Developed for the Bonowi EKA expandable CAMLOCK® Baton. It is suitable both for left-handers and for right-handers, and can be rotated 360°. The EKA Baton can be locked in the Holster by using the end button, so that it will expand immediately when pulled out.

  • The Holster is designed for belt widths up to 2.5 inches ( an adjustable spacer is built in for smaller belts)
  • Holster material: Akromid B3 GF30 (30% glass-filled polyamide)
For EKA 16″ 21″ 24″
Item No. BEKAH316 BEKAH321 BEKAH324
Cordura Holster - Bonowi USA

Cordura Holster

Cordura Holster - Bonowi USA

The CORDURA holster is characterized by its durability, and is the perfect carrying device for the 16 “, 21″, and 26 ” EKA CAMLOCK® Batons from Bonowi. The Velcro® fastener adapter is suitable for all belt systems and enables the holster to be ready for use quickly. You can adjust the pulling resistance according to your needs.

Cordura Holster 16″ 21″ 26″


FlexShield Ballistic Shield

FlexShield Ballistic Shield - Bonowi USA

The FlexShield is an ideal ballistic backup protection system. As a Mobile Active Shooter Shield with a High performance soft ballistic package, it can be inflated by means of a CO2 Cartridge and worn like a protective shield. It can be stowed in front of the passenger seat. Inflated, it will fit between the car door and the seat. Optionally, the FlexShield can be upgraded to a higher protection class.

  • Offers minimized packing dimensions and weight
  • Provides near complete body shielding from chin and arms to the groin
  • Stays fully flexible even when inflated
  • Connects to additional FlexShields to provide emergency stretcher capabilities, and additional ballistic cover
  • Dimensions: 60 cm x 60 cm
Bonowi Flexshield - Bonowi USA